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Want gaming???
We welcome our new affiliate and all out Minion Michiato!

Michael JH Hayes (AKA Michato), has secretly been an affiliate of Mocha-Metal Merch for some time, advertising our brand in his guitar videos on Instagram.
An adamant guitarist, Michael has decided to turn to his other passion and that is his love for gaming.
We take great pleasure in officially welcoming Michato to our Mocha-Metal loving family.
Here is the link to Michato’s Bioshock Gameplay part 1 YouTube video, prepare to delve into the underwater world of Rapture …
Bring fresh underwear! \m/

Flash Sale 20% Espresso Grind Coffee

Yesssss!!! Coffee lovers! We are having a flash sale from now till the end of March on our Espresso grinds for both blends of Hellfire Radio and Coffee Fuelled Riffage…
A delightful 20%…
Get those stocks replenished people \m/
(discount codes do not apply)

Mocha-Metal Delivery to one Jim Davies
Ex – Prodigy & Pitchshifter Guitarist and a true lover of coffee

Hell Yes!!! Mocha-Metal minions, Kaffeine Karl & Brew Bag Brewce are well chuffed that the legend Jim Davies has personally accepted to try some Mocha-Metal coffee!
The former Prodigy & Pitchshifter guitarist has offered to try our coffee and to give a personal review! which we are extremely appreciated to say the least! Mocha Love! \m/
Jim has quite a music history and has debuted 2 albums through the band Victory Pill (Series 8/Chrysalis Music) and has released a solo guitar album called ‘Electronic Guitar’ (Mascot Music Productions & Publishing BV) back in 2010, which showed his guitar prowess and use of effects over electronic music.
Jim has now just released his first solo record in 10 years ‘Ticking Timebomb’ (Extreme Music) from the forthcoming album ‘Headwars’ which is set to release on 10th April 2020.

Check out the video for Jim’s latest video here

You can check out more news on:

Check out Jim’s Spotify here (don’t forget to follow \m/)

We welcome our new affiliates to the Mocha-Metal family…Necropolis \m/

Necropolis was formed in 2015 by ex Neocon Guitarist, George (Draven) Van Buuren. Necropolis currently holds true to the ways of old school death metal, which can be heard in tracks like Laid to Rest, Lost Prayer & Blackened. One can also hear the haunting chill of drones used within the tracks, adding to the atmosphere and dynamics of the songs.
We are glad to have Necropolis on board with us here at
Mocha-Metal Merch!
Don’t forget to go check them out and give them some love \m/

George is also currently working alongside Gary Groves (Bass) in the new project ‘Metal Maelstrom Coalition’, the latest single ‘Leads Me Back To You‘ (Darkness Eternal records), also features Helen Johnson, Vocalist for Powderhead.

Welcome Necropolis

Come Join The LOUD!

Mocha-Metal Merch
Prepare for upcoming festivals!

\m/ Hell Yes!!! \m/
We at Mocha-Metal Merch are proud to say we shall be running stalls at both
Hammerfest Fest (Camp HRH Great Yarmouth 19th – 22nd March)
HRH Prog Fest (O2 Academy Sheffield 28th – 29th March)
Come say hello, browse our wears & see Kaffeine Karl & Brew Bag Brewce.
Mocha Love everyone and see you all soon!

Come join the LOUD!

New Product Brewbag Brewce’s
Tea O’ Doom

Our first official blend of English ‘Loose Leaf’ Breakfast tea is coming and Brewbag Brewce cannot contain his excitement.
We are taking pre-orders with payment up front and sending them first to the customers that cannot wait to try our first blend of tea!
Item is expected to ship mid-February


Mocha-Metal Merch welcomes the god of TEA ‘Brewbag Brewce’

Thanks to the work of Gaz Jackson from Sinister Arts, who took another one of my terrible drawings and shaped it into reality.
We welcome Brewbag Brewce, the ‘Rambo’ like god of Tea, the warrior of the strong brew.
Kaffeine Karl and Brewce had a chat and they decided to work together, as apparently there are people that don’t like coffee….can you believe it! Blasphemy…
We will have our first Tea product in our stores over the coming weeks thanks to the awesome peeps at Mr Beans Coffee UK, all I can say is it will be a fine English Breakfast ‘Loose Leaf’ Tea.
More to news to come!

All Hail BrewBag Brewce \m/

Australliance ‘Cant Shut It Off’ Official Video Now On YouTube & Dark Essence Records Releases Track on all Music Streaming Platforms

Thanks to the hard work of Costin Chioreanu, who…I might add had a challenging deadline, delivered a spectacular video for the Australliance campaign, which is both hard hitting and captures the emotions of all us.
To view the video please click here.
Dark Essence Records had also aided the campaign by delivering the song ‘Cant Shut It Off’ onto all music streaming sites and their own web page Details Here.
Now remember this is for a cause and that cause is WIRES Australian Animal Rescue and we are still raising funds for this. So please continue to donate by either donating to kevin.storm1980@gmail.com, by clicking on the bandcamp link and purchasing the song ‘Cant Shut It Off’ or by bidding on some wonderful items donated by the companies/artists/people that are making a difference Click Here to view.

More info on the campaign in the story below ↓ ↓ ↓

Mocha-Metal Merch features on Kevin Storm’s Australliance ‘Cant Shut It Off’
WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue)

cover work by Matthew Dunn

Firstly a huge massive shout out to Mara Does, who messaged us at Mocha-Metal Merch to explain that Kevin Storm (Fleet Burner, Session Guitarist) had started a music project inspired by the devastation of the Australian wildfires and brought the cause to our attention.
To understand the story behind Kevin Storm’s campaign we have included the attachment to the press release for Australliance and the song ‘Cant Shut It Off’ and how the metal community from all over the globe has come together to help raise money for WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue).
We at Mocha-Metal Merch are proud to have joined the groups of musicians involved in this campaign and the artists, producers, metal fans & companies that are all working together to make a difference!
To aid this cause, we are donating £1 from every sale to WIRES and to help make a change.

To donate and receive Australliance ‘Cant Shut It Off’ for free click here

To donate to WIRES please send donations to kevin.storm1980@gmail.com

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2020!
Let’s start with some good news,
Mocha-Metal Merch Features in Guitar Guts Metallica Black Album Month
‘Enter Sandman’

Let’s kick start 2020 with a (head) bang shall we!
We, at Mocha-Metal Merch hope you had great Xmas and New Years and a well entitled break to many.
What better way to dive back into the swing of work by being featured in the awesome collab with Guitar Guts, a YouTuber and Instagram guitarist who’s goal this month (January) to work with as many musicians in recreating Metallica’s Black Album!
Click on the pic above to check his website and click here for the ‘Enter Sandman’ collab vid

New Product now available!
The Mocha-Metal Merch

Vinyl Car ‘Rep’ Sticker

Welcome to our new affiliates Broken Calling

London Metallers Broken Calling, a 5 piece heavy metal machine have just released their latest EP ‘Broken Ashes’.
A 5 track EP featuring their current single ‘Superiority Complex’ is an ear opener to what this band is capable of and we welcome them to the Mocha-Metal Merch Family!
Check out the EP review on Hellfire Radio
‘Superiority Complex’ video (is that a Hawaiian shirt?)

‘Democracy is Hypocrisy’

We Welcome our new affiliates and our first pop/punk band Keep It Secret

Hailing from Norwich, The two piece, Keep It Secret remain loyal to the world of pop punk and continuously put out catchy song, after catchy song with tracks such as Burn, Bad Valentine & Medical Attention.
We at Mocha are open to many different types of genres and are happy to welcome Keep It Secret to our line up and to the family of coffee lovers.
Check out their latest song Blackfish

Pop Punk & Proud!

New band to join our Mocha-Metal Ranks: WHITE RAVEN DOWN

We are proud to welcome the Essex rockers White Raven Down to our affiliate programme and to the Mocha-Metal Merch Family!
With the recent release of their track Not Alone [2.0] remixed by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Lower Than Atlantis) and their last EP Conspiracy.
We look forward in working with them to help bring Kaffeine Karl, the lil’ Notorious Coffee cup out there into the world of Rock & Metal

Welcome to the family!
Join the Conspiracy


Now with winter on our door step, we are happy to be launching our new range of Slouch Beanie hats to help keep the winter blues away!
Click here to get yours

Come join the LOUD!

Summerslammer 2020! Manchester

Yes, oh hell yes!
We are proud to announce we are the official sponsors of the 2020 Summerslammer day event at the Star and Garter in Manchester on the 20th September (book in your calendars ready!)
We will be having our own pop up stall selling merch and hot coffee to the hyped up, rocking audience ooosh!
More news to follow
Click here for current details and band line up

New Product Now in Stock V60 Coffee Dripper: Make that Espresso!

Never fear, the V60 Coffee Dripper is here!
Now in stock in our store, don’t let the bane of having no espresso machine stop you from purchasing our espresso.
Our delightful kit, which includes the Hario V60 dripper, measuring spoon & filter papers provide all you need to make a delightful hell raising coffee and turning the volume of life to 11! oooosh! \m/

Kaffeine Karl’s Special Delivery

For those that are local to Lowestoft and the surrounding areas Mocha-Metal Merch are now offering free delivery to locals at the weekend! (15 Mile Radius!)
To use this wonderful service please enter the coupon code: Karlslocal
Please do not use if you are not local as this will be refused when the order is processed.

How about a 10% off your next purchase??? How to claim???

So its quite easy, after purchasing a product why not leave a review on the product or on the Mocha-Metal Merch Facebook page and get a unique 1 off code for 10% (valid for 1 year). Find the link to our page at the bottom of our home screen \m/

Instagram Live Feed

Post your pictures with our products for the chance to feature on our live feed Instagram wall…Become a Kaffeine Karl Celeb \m/