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New to the Mocha Minion Affiliate Programme: Agent 47

We welcome our new affiliates Agent 47 … It’s a band and not a squad of hit-men…or are they hmmm?
Agent 47 are a 4 piece band from Manchester UK who have been gigging since their formation in 2011.
Agent 47 take their influences from Deftones, Tool, Alice in Chains & the pioneers of metal Black Sabbath!
You can check out their tracks at their website http://www.4gen7.com/

Welcome to the Mocha family

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Breaking News: Official Hellfire Radio Blend now in stock & imported straight from Hell (well maybe not fully true!)

We are proud to say since our involvement with Hellfire Radio we are now selling the Official Hellfire Radio blend.
This coffee is devilishly good and made from the finest Colombian and Ugandan coffee beans and … of course with some TLC from the Devil himself oooosh \m/

Click here to visit hell…Umm I mean our store!

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NEW Mocha Minions to the Affiliate Programme: I AƎMÖN

We welcome I AƎMÖN: a band that not only brings its own unique style of Cinematic Metalcore to the masses! (Yes you heard that correct!)
Each member of the band holds their own individual sigil representing their own entity! (cool stuff right!)
Not only this but they hold their own séances at their shows, calling on their own spirits to shine through! making something unique to your normal metal show
HOWEVER some say that ‘Kaffeine Karl’ has made an appearance demanding the audience consumes more ‘Coffee Fuelled Riffage’.
I AƎMÖN are now sponsored by Hellfire Radio and we also welcome them to the Mocha-Metal Family!
Head over to our Affiliate Programme to check them out and our other family affiliates

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Mocha-Metal Merch has now joined Hellfire Radio to Bring you The Mocha-Metal Show

FIRSTLY a massive shout out to Hellfire Radio for allowing us this opportunity!
We are happy to announce that The Mocha-Metal Show shall be airing soon hopefully during Saturday’s 2pm UK and 8am USA.
We aim to bring you 1 hour of awesome rock/metal music from independent & main stream bands, whilst you either chill for your lunch hour or brew your morning coffee.
We want you!
If you are in a band, a duo or have you own solo music project please submit your music here for a chance to be featured on our show!

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NEW Mocha Minions join our Affiliate Programme: Goliath Studios

Mocha-Metal Welcomes our new affiliates Goliath Studios to our family of bands, instrument pioneers and YouTubers.
Goliath Studios specialise in gear reviews, demos, audio recording, video recording and track reviews.
Head to our Affiliate Page to check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel!

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New Affiliate to join the Mocha Minions: SparrowHawk

We welcome Manchester Rockers SparrowHawk to our Affiliate Programme!
If you are are fans of Foo Fighters & Queens of The Stone Age then this 4 piece rocking band is for you!
You can link to their website through our Affiliate Programme page
Check out their new track ‘Home’!

Welcome to the Mocha Family \m/

NEW’s: New Minion acquired! for our affiliate programme
YouTuber Katja Macabre

We would like to give a big Mocha-Metal welcome to Katja and her #lungsoffury.
Katja has over 5k followers on her YouTube channel and that’s currently as I write this.
Her channel is dedicated to her vocal talents and things that inspire her from talks on mental health, video games or unboxing videos.
Katja made one hell of an awesome video for Mocha-Metal Merch featuring a cover of Killswitch Engage’s ‘End of Heartache’. Click here to view
Again a massive thank you and welcome to the Mocha family

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NEW: We are introducing our new subscription service for Coffee Fuelled Riffage!

Right you awesome Mocha-Metaller’s! We are now offering a monthly subscription service that will send you out 1kg of coffee each month!
That means no more worries and having to panic about thinking “damn, I am all out of that awesome ‘Coffee Fuelled Riffage!'”, when you are in safe hands knowing more will be on route to you the following month!
We are still selling the 200g bags as well as a nice little taster into the world of Mocha-Metal Merch’s finest coffee!
Any questions please drop us an email and we will be happy to answer your queries!
Click on the title’s to link to the subscription service items
Italian Fine Espresso
Whole Beans

New Affiliate: Instrument Pioneer & FX
Iron Age Guitar Accessories

We are stoked to now have Iron Age Guitar Accessories as an affiliate to Mocha-Metal Merch.
You may of heard of Iron Age Guitar Accessories through the musical madness of Berried Alive, a group comprised of ex-reflections guitarist Charles Caswell and wife Kaylie Caswell.
Charles has been known to use Iron age custom made Kill switches and custom guitar picks.
For our Mocha loving customers we can now happily offer you a one time first purchase code of 15% for Iron Age Guitar Accessories.
The code should you choose to accept is: iron-mocha
You can also get another 15% off if you sign up to the newsletter and you can also collect points from purchases to put towards special bonuses after signing up to the reward scheme.
Click Here for our Affiliate Programme Page

Awesome Guitarist Sophie Burrell receives Mocha Goodies

We at Mocha-Metal are glad to say that the 6 string, speed machine Sophie Burrell was happy with her Mocha goodies.
Sophie has taken the guitar community by storm and has quickly ramped up a huge following on social media.
Sophie is endorsed by Ormsby Guitars, EVH and Daddario & Co and plays in the band Saints of Sin who regularly play shows around the UK.
Click here to view her Instagram \m/

New Affiliate: Bands Category
Sin Circus

We welcome our hard hitting brothers and sisters from the mask wearing, metal chugging, Sin Circus.
Welcome to the family!
Check out their latest single Pied Piper (2018) and their previous Bored EP record(2017)
Check them out by clicking the banner on our affiliate Programme page

We Welcome Our New Affiliate To Our New Category

Here at the Mocha Hub we started our journey primarily aiming to sell Coffee Merch to the world of music BUT….We want to make a community of coffee lovers through the fields of music, gaming and social media…a virtual coffee shop, so to speak where the Merch & Coffee we sell is a sign of that community spirit (It’s not a cult lol).
To sustain in these times of social media and to make Kaffeine Karl flourish on the Mocha-Metal train! we want to make a hub for people to hang out and share their passions.
With that we welcome our first instrument pioneer and FX company Flattley Guitar Pedals UK.
Flattley Guitar Pedals make some seriously cool guitar pedals and are currently making their new Silver Range pedals (a more affordable range to their bigger sellers) but need some help to get kick started. I have included a link for you to check out and donate if you are interested Click Here.
Check out Flattley Guitar Pedals UK at our affiliate section and click the Flattley Guitar Pedal banner.

Facebook Competition Giveaway

We, at Mocha-Metal Merch have decided to host a competition on Facebook…Yes you saw right!
We sat with Kaffeine Karl while he discussed figures and ideas and what kind of technology could really be found in Area 51?
(other than a stale bottle of hot sauce and chips (American Crisps)).
We decided to throw a prize (not literally of course!) for the 1000th supporter of Mocha-Metal Merch on Facebook!
The rules … well there isn’t any, just share until we hit 1k and one lucky person will be chosen at random. Contacted by ourselves and a bag of ‘Coffee Fuelled Riffage’ (your choice from grounded, beans or Italian espresso) and one of our new mugs will be sent your way.
That easy \m/
Good Luck and may the force be with you !
Head to www.facebook.com/mochametalmerch and start sharing


Mocha-Metal Merch are now offering Free Delivery when you spend over £40 in store!
That means if you have £40 or more in your basket DO NOT FORGET! to select free delivery !!!

Introducing the Affiliate Programme

Mocha-Metal Merch is now introducing it’s new affiliate programme for those who are die hard coffee lovers!
We want to make a community for all those who are linked through music, social media, arts, gaming etc!
Whether you are a musician/band, Twitch-er, YouTuber, Instagram-mer etc!
We are offering those that support Mocha-Metal and Kaffeine Karl a chance to promote themselves, their bands, their live streams, their channels.
All we ask is for yourselves to try to help promote Mocha-Metal and get that crazy Kaffeine Karl global!
Whether its wearing a Tee or Hat, buying coffee and throwing a ‘Coffee Fuelled Riffage’ contest to see who can drink the most cups
(…maybe not too many!)
Literally, anyway you can help to promote us, we will promote you the best we can and we will offer you a 20% discount in our store for as long as the Coffee Fuelled Riffage runs through your veins!
Head to the Contact Us page and send us an email and why you would like to join our family

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Kaffeine Karl’s Special Delivery

For those that are local to Lowestoft and the surrounding areas Mocha-Metal Merch are now offering free delivery to locals at the weekend! (15 Mile Radius!)
To use this wonderful service please enter the coupon code: Karlslocal
Please do not use if you are not local as this will be refused when the order is processed.

How about a 10% off your next purchase??? How to claim???

So its quite easy, after purchasing a product why not leave a review on the product or on the Mocha-Metal Merch Facebook page and get a unique 1 off code for 10% (valid for 1 year). Find the link to our page at the bottom of our home screen \m/

Instagram Live Feed

Post your pictures with our products for the chance to feature on our live feed Instagram wall…Become a Kaffeine Karl Celeb \m/