Mocha-Metal Merch ‘Rep’ Car Vinyl Stickers


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Yeah we have all seen those over the top car movies (especially certain ones that span nearly 10 films and feature incredible use of beverage items to make cars go faster or a 1000 mile runway!) and cars covered in branded stickers to increase HP*…But they don’t have Mocha-Metal Merch stickers!

Kaffeine Karl has debated for ages that he wants his own stickers for vehicles and what the boss says, goes…so we have now created out own rep stickers for lovin’ Kaffeine Karl minions to purchase for their rides! Come join the LOUD! and raise those horns!

*guaranteed to not increase horse power BUT to certainly have Caffeine onboard!

Instructions! Read Twice, apply Once (something like that!)


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Dimensions 53 × 20 cm


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